Vocational students

One of the great challenges in working with students studying vocational routes, is to empower them in such a way that they can make bold decisions about their educational journey rather than only consider routes that are perceived to be ‘the norm’.  We believe this requires a 360 degree perspective on their educational progression, considering al routes to demonstrate the benefits of vocational learning, be that entering Higher Education, following apprenticeship routes or just meeting the challenging of attending an educational setting every day.

We pride ourselves on our ability to inspire and empower young people and their families, to take pride in meeting their next challenge so that they may not only understand the value of vocational qualifications, but are prepared to thrive within such an environment.

This can be achieved through:

What do we do?

  • Outreach in schools and colleges
  • Meetings with teaching and CIAG staff in schools and colleges
  • Profile raising activity in varying geographical locations
  • Telemarketing
  • Enquiry and data management
  • Conversion
  • Public relations
  • Print and design